The Scales

The Scales is the primary religion in Quine and much of the surrounding area.


Adherents worship a pair of gods, each made up of three opposing aspects. The first has aspects of Enthalpy, Anima and Logic. The second has aspects of Madness, Vaccua and Entropy. (Note that these are approximations – many adherents spend their lives in search of the “true names” for these aspects.) The religion is centered around balance. Adherents believe that it is the duty of humankind to maintain balance between these opposing forces.

Priestly Magic

In times of trouble, the faithful can call upon the gods to perform miracles, but only in circumstances where an argument can be made that the fulfillment of the miracle will directly increase net universal balance. In extreme cases, this can be accomplished by purposefully creating an imbalance which can then be rectified by divine intervention. Often, this takes the form of destroying something – for example, one could kill a living creature to create a deficit in Anima, and then pray for a mortally wounded individual to recover from their wounds, thus restoring the balance.



The most popular interpretation in Quine asserts that wealth must be balanced. By this view, there must be poverty in order to balance out wealth. This interpretation is often wielded by the wealthy as an argument against charity, as bringing the poor up to wealth would destabilize the balance. This interpretation is also highly popular among the poor. Many treat poverty as a religious duty and feels that their poverty is part of a larger balance in the universe.


The other interpretation argues that balance should be achieved through equitable living. If everyone is equal, then balance is maintained as well. Adherents of this philosophy are likely to engage in charity and (sometimes) acts of vandalism or destruction in order to bring the poor up and bring the wealthy down.

The Scales

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