Academy of the Arcane

Quine used to be home to a large school of sorcery called the Academy of the Arcane. The academy was a hub of magical research and study. Gifted youth from around the continent would travel to Quine to train there and many stayed to do research. The academy was also a minor source of income for the city due to trade for enchanted artifacts.

Relationship with the city

The church’s relationship to the Academy falls somewhere between strained and outright hostile. The use of magic is considered a violation of the Scales’ principles of balance. As a result, many dedicated adherents refuse to do business with magicians. The council likewise made several attempts to regulate the Academy’s activities in the name of protecting public safety. Some more conspiratorial types believe that the sanctions were more focused on making sure that the Academy didn’t get powerful enough to be able to contest the council’s decisions.


A few months ago, the building was the site of an enormous explosion. The explosion was bright enough that it was visible from Rainhaven and loud enough for people who lived nearby to experience temporary hearing loss. Most of the teachers and many of the students were killed in the explosion. The explosion was officially blamed on an alchemical accident. Many of the magicians who escaped express skepticism at this account of events, pointing to the fact that the alchemy department wouldn’t have allowed ingredients of that potency in the hands of novices, and certainly not in amounts that would cause an explosion on that magnitude. Additionally, the explosion happened in the middle of the night when most of the sorcerers would have been sleeping and not experimenting. Some of the survivors even claim that the academy was attacked and the explosion was set off after the fact as a cover-up. No concrete evidence has turned up to support this assertion and no group has taken responsibility for an attack.

Academy of the Arcane

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